Sep 27 2015

Financial domination in Manhattan, New Jersey and connecticut.

Fin-Domme! Financial Domination! Be my pay-pig! I love to stay in 5 Stars Hotels, love to go to Atlanic City to play "Black-Jack", pay my rent, go shopping with me ( Prada, Gucci, Boss and much more) I need a new car, pay my rent or? Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control. Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant woman seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male. For the submissive the idea of having a woman take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to her is incredibly erotic. In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination. Dominatrix, Dominatrix New York, Dominatrix Bahamas, Dominatrix Las Vegas, Miami, Fetish Escort, independent, exclusive, high class, Manhattan dominatrix, Fetish Escort New York. Usually Financial Domination just involves the taking or giving of money either on a scheduled basis, through coercion or blackmail, or just out of an intense need to give. Be my pay pig! We start with $ 1000! If you don't have money - don't waist my time Dominatrix, Dominatrix New York, Dominatrix Manhattan, Dominatrix Atlantic City, Dominatrix New Jersey, Westchester, connecticut, Boston, Newport, Aspen, independent, Escort, high class, fetish Escort, Fetish Escort Manhattan, BDSM,