Jan 15 2016

Forced bi session - Manhattan.Don't cancel my session!!!

One problem with forced bi sessions is there are men who think that they want to do it for real but then change their mind at the last moment, but don’t want to admit this. Forced bi Session in Manhattan, Boston, Atlantic City , Jersey City! NEW RULE!!! Cancellation the session: Now I don’t have any problem with a man booking a session, turning up for it, and then realizing after he’s arrived, that he doesn’t actually want the forced bi element. That is honest enough and doesn’t cause problems. What does cause problems is, if the man realizes he isn’t up for it, then cancels 1 day or twenty minutes before with some ludicrous excuses: I’ve had to leave the country,something comes up at work, I’ve broken my ankle, my mother just passed away. Sure -sometimes it can be true, but this i happening to much these days. And you still have to pay for my session! Sorry guys - if somethings CAN come up at work - please be 100% sure that nothing comes up!!!