Jan 24 2015

What every guy should know before you send me an email!

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Some guys know exactly what they are into and what they are looking for. But some are still figuring themselves out and learning. Having trouble thinking of what you want to try in a session with me? Please make a list, research and think just for yourself of the stuff you are interested in and what you like to try. Don’t leave anything out even if you assume a Pro Domme doesn’t do it. Remember this list is only for you. If you are unsure, here are some things to ask yourself and think about: -What is drawing you towards seeing a Pro Domme in the first place? -What types of things on the internet or in your fantasies intrigue you? -Are you a submissive man? Meaning, do you like a Dominant woman to take charge and control you and surrendering yourself to her? -Are you the type who fantasizes about taking pain for a Dominant woman or crave pain (even if you are unsure how much pain you can handle and are afraid)? If so, you are likely a masochist. Some are light masochists, some are heavy masochists. Everyone is different. Or do you dislike receiving pain? -Do you fantasize about rubbing my feet, fetching, coffee, worship me and tending my needs in different ways as if you are my owned property? Do you have a strong desire to belong to me and be trained by me? If so, you might be a deeper kind of submissive called a slave. -Are you into being restrained? Feeling helpless? You might want to list bondage/restraints -Are you a fetishist? Do you have a very strong attraction to a body part or an object such as feet, high heels, boots, leather, latex outfits, gloves for example? Stockings? Pantyhose? Does your ideal situation involve a Mistress dressed in shiny tight rubber? Or anything very specific that is an absolute need for you? -Are you interested in being degraded? Slapped in the face, spit at, called names, verbally cruel taunts, made to do demeaning things? Some are interested in light or severe forms of degradation. -Are you interested in being laughed at? Humiliated by your Mistress? Made to do silly and stupid activities that amuse her and maybe even her friends too? Are you interested in being their bossed-around court jester? You might enjoy light or severe humiliation. -Are you into her ignoring you, using you as a chair, a foot rest, a table, even maybe a toilet? There to be a piece of furniture to her? An human ashtray while she smokes and ignores you? Then you are into objectification/human furniture play. -Are you into cross-dressing, complete with make-up, wigs, and training to be a woman in a very agreeable way? -Are you into being FORCED or MADE TO CROSSDRESS as a form of amusement for her, or punishment? Then you are into forced-feminization. -Are you into being cross-dressed in over the top frilly exaggerated feminine outfits and made to act extremely overly exaggeratedly feminine? You are probably into sissy training. Or being your Mistress’s sissy maid. -Are you into playing out a fantasy such as a schoolboy and his teacher, or a boss and secretary, co-workers, Batman and CatWoman, or any other role other than Dominatrix and client? If so, you are into a role-play. -Are you interested in being punished by a Dominant woman in a household setting such as a living room or kitchen with every day objects like a wooden hair brush or a spatula with her dressed up very every-day? Then you are into a “Domestic Discipline Setting.” -Are you into being beaten by a sadistic woman with a cane or paddle or many other implements for her enjoyment or perhaps as punishment, maybe made to count each strike, wanting to leave feeling sore and maybe even with marks? You are into corporal punishment. -Are you into adult baby play? Want to be nurtured or punished from a Motherly type figure? -Are you into regressing in age to a certain age (2 or a 4 yr old for example) or many different younger ages? Then you are into age play. -Are you into strap-on? -Are you interested in a bratty girl-next-door type controlling you, (pretending to) blackmail you, or have her way with you? Someone in regular clothing? -Do you fantasize about your Mistress whoring you out for money? Training you to suck her strap-on so you can suck real cock one day? -Are you into being strapped down to a medical table and have an evil doctor or nurse do whatever wild exam and tortures she wishes on you? You are definitely into medical play. There are so many forms of BDSM play and session activities, but these above ideas are just a few examples of common ones to go on. Also think about session activities: Electro play, chastity, bondage, breath play, public outings, kidnapping scenes, and so on.




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