Aug 24 2015

What is cuckquening? What is a cuckquean?

Cuckqueanry as a fetish! Definition: A cuckquean fetishist is aware of her spouse's activity, sometimes actively encouraging it,[citation needed] and derives sexual pleasure from it. Among fetishists, the pose of reluctance—the victimization of the cuckold—is a major element of the paraphilia. The cuckold is almost always male; the term for a female cuckold is referred to as a cuckquean but is not as prevalent in popular culture as the male version of the fetish. In the fetish cuckqueaning subculture, the male takes on the role of being sexually dominant, while the female takes on a submissive role. The wife usually only becomes involved with the man or his lover when he permits it—sometimes remaining altogether celibate. This fetish can be completely heterosexual in which the wife does not participate or only participates with her husband, as well as bi-sexual, in which the wife participates with everyone, or makes contact with the other woman. The fetish specifics can range wildly, from loving treatment toward the cuckquean to complete humiliation and debasement. However, very commonly a requirement for the fetish is that the cuckquean is somehow humiliated, whether this is acted out to be intentional or as some sort of by-product of the situation (e.g., the parties involved are somehow too sexually aroused to stop). Therefore cuckqueaning sometimes involves acting out a story or ritual involving humiliating acts, events or circumstances; it sometimes goes beyond simply husband-swapping, swinging or sharing a sexual partner. In some forms of cuckqueaning, there is an explicit emphasis on the direct physical and sexual domination of the wife by the new female lover, overlapping with the "lezdom" (lesbian domination) and "forced-bi" fetishes. Contrasting traits such as ethnicity, age and physique are often fetishized as reasons for the wife to "worship" the new female with displays of submission such as oral sex, anilingus, foot worship and bondage. In this case the husband may co-dominate the wife, act as a neutral observer, or join in submitting to the new female. You like to role-play? Sure! Cuckold, cuckqueen, or stud, bull? Let's talk